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The Protect Your Peace Playbook (eBook)

//The Protect Your Peace Playbook (eBook)

The Protect Your Peace Playbook (eBook)


The Protect Your Peace Playbook: 10 Invaluable jewels to help you obtain, cultivate, and hold on to your peace of mind is the latest self-published work of speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Kareem L. Williams. 




Product Description

Peace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquility; a freedom from worry and anxiety. What would your life look like if you could gain the upper hand on worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, etc? The emotions mentioned here can be-and WILL be-crippling and detrimental to your mental health-and your life in general- if you allow them to. As someone who has dealt with mental health personally, author Kareem Williams’ vision for this eBook is to provide you with a resource that can not only help you live with the challenges of mental health, but to live a happy and abundant life!


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